18 October 2009


There has been the ghastly spectacle during the week ended 17 October 2009 of Rudd looking and sounding exactly as Howard did at the time of "babies overboard" and "Tampa" and "SIEV X".

The rhetoric coming out of the Alternative Liberal Party (ALP) sounds like a re-run of the Howard years, and there we were, thinking it was all over on 24 November 2007.

And how wrong can we be?

Don't forget the episode about gay marriage in 2004 when Howard declared - in this secular state of Australia - that marriage is between a man and a woman only, and for all their lives. The ALP supported it then, and Howard - sorry, Rudd - made the same declaration again during the same-sex legislation issue in 2008 and 2009.

There is not much joy in Australian politics these days - just think of global warming and the water debate. Water is the most important issue for sustenance of life on planet Earth, and one of the places where it is in shortest supply is Australia. Are there plans everywhere in the country to recycle water? No, of course not. Politicians here like to give big business the opportunities to make more money, and how better than with desalination plants and pipe-lines which will run empty for much of the time. Power stations running on recycled water? Don't hold your breath!

So next time you go to a ballot box to vote for federal, state or local government politicians, just remember that they are self-serving opportunists out to make their own fortunes while the going is good, and for them it is good - they have just managed to get substantial increases, whereas people on the lower end of the economic ladder are getting substantial decreases, thanks to rising costs on supermarket shelves, changes to same-sex legislation for registered couples who have lost pension incomes and those with disabilities whose partners work and they collectively lose benefits, thanks to Centrelink's stringent observation of the new legislation.

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