27 October 2009



It’s like a red rag to a bull! Every time someone attacks Zionism or Israel here in Australia and that person happens to be gay, lesbian, transgender or some other sexuality which the zionist population finds difficulty accepting, they are invited to try going to Iran or similar country.

According to Ian Katz of Caulfield, 7,000 gay people have been killed in Iran by the fundamentalist regime since 1979 when the infamous Ayatollah seized power. The source of this figure is not provided. It is stated as a fact.

Statistics from countries such as Iran where censorship is even tighter than in countries such as Australia are difficult to obtain and even more difficult to verify. Those organizations around the world such as Human Rights Watch and the gay and lesbian equivalents working with gay and lesbian refugees from Iran and other countries have estimated that about 4,000 gays and lesbians have been murdered by the Iranian regime since 1979.

In 2009 in Tel Aviv, an office belonging to a gay and lesbian organization was bombed and two people were killed – not by Palestinians but by homophobic Israelis who were murderers.

In the United States of America, a country where officially it is not illegal to be gay or lesbian, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issues an annual survey of hate crimes in that country, and gay and lesbian hate crimes figures since 1979 indicate that there are, on average, an annual number of hate crimes committed against homosexuals of about 1,000 to 1,500. Many of these hate crimes are murders.

So far we have only mentioned Iran and the United States of America. The UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, all produce figures showing gay and lesbian murders taking place on a regular basis.

As a gay Jewish man I choose not to live in Iran or Israel or South Africa where I was born. South Africa’s new constitution is one of the most progressive of modern times in its inclusion of rights for gays, lesbians, transgenders, which include the right to marry people of the same sex. This benighted religious-right-dominated country Australia has emphatically forbidden such equal rights for all its citizens yet, despite all the faults it has, it is a country where many of my ancestors were born and lived and where I have citizenship and continue to live in comparative peace..

I have been discriminated against because I am Jewish in the countries in which I have worked - South Africa, the UK and Australia, and I have been discriminated against in Australia because I am gay. I am a minority in a minority.

Now most Zionists are Jewish, and being Jewish they know about the Holocaust, discrimination and anti-semitism. They are minorities amongst many other minorities.

Gays, lesbians and transgender people are also minorities amongst many other minorities, but unlike Zionists, homosexuals are assaulted and murdered on a regular basis.

As a conclusion, one would think that Zionists would know about oppression and vilification and abuse, and therefore not be party to it themselves, but it seems that they are incapable of comprehending any picture in the greater universe of which they form but a miniscule part and should therefore not themselves abuse others who don’t conform to their narrow conservatism. They ought to know better but they don’t!

The two items below are by Ian Katz of Caulfield not Cana and Michael Burd of Toorak not Tel Aviv:


Iran has hanged more than 7000 homosexuals since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The plight of women and ethnic minorities such as the Kurds, Baha’i, and Copts in the Arab and Islamic world continues to be of grave concern. The list goes on.

History is against the Iranian dissidents who dare to dream of a free and democratic country. Like the people suffering under the junta in Burma, and Israelis in Sderot pounded by rockets, there was hope that the current administration in Washington, the UN, and the so-called freedom fighters of the international political Left would be there to support them. Unfortunately, they were mistaken.

Caulfield, Vic


Hi Mannie,

I notice you are still ranting and raving about those pesky zionists, I wonder how long you and your partner { comrade ?] would last in your beloved palestinian terror-tories, Iran or Pakistan .
I'm pleased that my writings annoy you at least I know you are taking notice, I'm flattered ...

Have a Nice day or should I say Salam alakum ?

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