13 October 2009

leftwrites blog

There is a blog called "lefwrites" which, as the name implies, is for those of us whose political views are somewhat to the left of Genghis Khan to contribute our thoughts on issues which we feel need to be addressed in media other than the lying, deceiving, hypocritical mainstream media, and to allow comments by people who want to discuss the issues raised in the blog.

For some reason which has not yet been explained by the person who runs the blog, the site was "off air" in a manner of speaking, for quite a few weeks, as a consequence of which, once it was back "on air", it has not been noticed by the previous contributors and as a consequence no one is writing articles for "leftwrites".

We need blogs to write about issues such as Obama's Nobel peace prize - a joke if ever there was one!! - and the Palestine-Israel disasters which are ongoing and without any change visible in the near future, water and energy resources in Australia, global warming and the failure of governments around the world to act - the capitalists might lose too much money - heaven forfend - they didn't cause enough loss with the international melt-down caused by things such as the sub-prime mortgage in the USA, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Chechnian butcher and dictator sending two horses to run in the Melbourne Cup!

So far, it seems as if only 3 of us have discovered that "leftwrites" is with us, and you can't have too many debates with people who think the same as you do. It has limits and we need some fresh input.

So if I put things on my own blog which are possible subjects for controversy, and then put the same ones on "leftwrites", somewhere along the way we may pick up the missing contributors and bring them back to writing and posting again.

Here's hoping!!

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